The Art of Becoming - Creating Abiding Fulfillment in an Unfulfilled World suggests that human flourishing is the result of transformative experiences and realizations that act on, and transmute consciousness.


In this process, we are Life's cohorts as we work in unison with the innermost-self towards the beautification of our hearts, minds, souls, and the world at large.


The concept that we most often refer to as growth is limited by the word we use to describe it. Humans are in a constant state of becoming. Becoming is the non-linear, dynamic, cyclic and ineffable way in which Life operates on our Being as it molds our minds, heart, and souls into something greater than what we can see and only as limited as our limitless imagination.


We are, as the philosopher Neville Goddard once described, here on earth as "Men, walking like trees" but we are capable of becoming so much more. This book explores the art of becoming; our inherent ability to awaken and transform, and our need, both individually and collectively, to find a deep, abiding sense of fulfillment in the world. 


Fulfillment and flourishing is the Great Work. If you feel that fulfillment is lacking in your life or if you're still looking for something deeper and lasting, then this book was written for you. As Goddard once said, "What is most 'spiritual' is most directly practical." We should be able to feel it and be it while waiting in lline at the post office, while brushing our teeth, or making love. It's the experience of beingness in action; it's the Art of Becoming.