Love without an 'if'...

Unconditional love is unwavering, undying and utterly liberating. It changes our brain, body and energetic field.

Psychological studies have shown that unconditional love is not only healing for the person who loves, but impacts everyone that we come into contact with.

When we become loving towards all of life, and all people regardless of our relationship to them, our entire life is transformed—what was once perceived as work and striving becomes an effortless flow of being, in which all is accomplished without force or manipulation.

Contrary to axioms like "it takes two to tango", in truth it only takes one person to change any relationship—be it at home, work or in our community.

Psychologists have stated that only 0.5% of the population ever master and live from a state of love, and it's that 0.5% that make the world a better place for everyone and experience what "effortless life" really feels like!

This Mastering Unconditional Love event is:

  • 2 days filled with engaging presentation, discussion and experiential activities designed to transform your perception of self, others and love itself.

  • For everyone.

  • It's an intimate (max 24 persons), non-judgemental and safe environment to let go, open up and explore with other like-minded individuals.

  • A weekend that will create deep and lasting transformation

  • An opportunity to forge new relationships with other attendees who care about love and fulfillment as much as you do.


Based on the work and research of author and ontological coach, Dana Hutton, Mastering the Art of Unconditional Love workshop will give you new insights and skills that will improve your relationships, health and emotional well-being.

What to Expect from the Workshop:


You'll learn:

  • What unconditional love is and what its source really is.

  • The benefits and rewards of living permanently in this state.

  • How to get there and stay there!

  • How your love heals not only your body and mind but impacts other people.

  • How unconditional love transforms a marriage.

  • How love transforms consciousness permanently (and what consciousness really is!)

  • How to bring love into your workplace, business and community without ever having to even use the word "love".

You'll leave the workshop with new insights, skills and perspectives that will continue to unfold and evolve your way of being in the world.  

You'll also:

  • Receive a free copy of Dana Hutton's book, "The Art of Becoming".

  • Receive a pdf of the complete presentation with all references and recommended reading.

  • Be registered (if you opt-in) for a private Facebook group to continue working with other participants.

  • Be invited to join a 1 hour follow up group call (with max 4 people) to reflect together on the workshop and bring up any questions or issues that you might have.

The workshop will be in a beautiful hotel in the centre of Glasgow and include tea, coffee and water throughout the workshop. We'll have cake and cookies from a local bakery on Sunday afternoon!

Lunch breaks will be two hours long and everyone is encouraged to eat together in small groups but if you prefer some time out for reflection, that's great too!

Registration open, click location below. Only 24 places available!

The event is at the beautiful Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow